My latest exhibit has now Concluded its run at Casa, in Downtown Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA

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I am also on Flickr, and there I have set up the individual images from Vision2020. The chapters are posted as Albums on this site; chapter by chapter with the photographs placed in order of their position in the digital videos. Here is the link

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my way of seeing this world

As I gaze upon ordinary days, I see the beauty in the world around us; I look fondly at what has captured my eye(s) and as we wrap up one decade and enter another,

Let’s celebrate our Vision in 2020

Join me, as I share my recent discoveries. Up, Down and All Around, as I do tend to find that, 

“every day is filled with new things just waiting to be discovered”. 

For me, it is sue true InDeeD! This is what enriches my life, most every day. I take great pleasure, in seeing simple things take life, in my mind’s eye, and sharing it.

It may be a shaft of light upon a rock, the interplay of light and dark upon a wall, across a grassy park, patterns made by street lamps or telephone wires, a dusty roadway, backlighting on flowers in late afternoon, distorted reflections from a window… it is endless what the world offers us to enjoy; this is just the visual world that I perceive. It spawns in me delightful emotions, wonderment and awe. How I see this world; that captures my interest; sparks my imagination for possibilities; 4DesignsSake in every moment.

yup; and while I’m still at it … Under Construction #3

Vector Art by

Drop by Casa in Lethbridge, Alberta

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While I am still under construction here, you can still view my galleries on my old site.

imagine – Oil on Canvas 2020 ~gwd

Along with photography I have been working with oil on canvas – creating a variety of paintings since 2002. The image above is a graphic design based upon an adaptation of the venerable peace symbol of the ’60’s. Click on the link in the green bar you’ll find by this painting, to view many of my other oils and other collections of 45’s! (currently residing on my old web site).